What can ever go right, will go right


Coward Teo

Its back to square one once again, alone in the ghostly bunk. Being in camp is already part of the torture and now, alone. Damn. I always occupy my mind with the happy events that I did in the civilian world so as to overwrite the trapping kind of  atmosphere in camp. But NS ain’t that bad after all, should be ba. I just couldn’t take the kind of life being under a Master.

Things like, getting lots of off at times, able to siam guard duty and having 8-5 currently are one of the so-called, “high-end treatment” in camp, provided you are senior enough or they called it “lao jiao”. One of the beneficial factor that NS provide is, we are able to expand our network base. But I also realized that making friends is tiring too. I have to repeat my old grandmother story all over again right from the start to date. Sharing about how happening my life was, how I started things out, who appeared in my life, and how much I like this girl and thinking of ways to put things together. But nevertheless, I’ve made them my friends.

I’m a coward.


I always thought I love to act and I really want to act. But, these few days had been rather restless. Upon receiving audition, I suddenly don’t have the urge to go. No longer have the kind of fighting spirit. Everything seems so meaningless suddenly. Shit man. Perhaps I need to rest, perhaps I need to ord, perhaps I need to go back to sleep, perhaps I need you.


Few things that I still remember. Today I bought a standard ticket to Joo Koon at 6am and later on at 6pm I was at Joo Koon buying another standard ticket back. Then I decided to return deposit after getting my ticket. After that, I headed to tap my card. DAMN! THEN I realized I returned my newly bought ticket!!

The other day when I went home and realized I couldn’t open the door. So, I called up my mum and told her about it and she said she will do something to it when she get back. Later on in the night when I reached home and found her laughing away. ” I broke the key and half of it is still inside. ” -.-

and once again, I was stunned madly deeply truly =(


Every time I wanted to blog and my mind will go blank. Trying hard to recall whats happening for the past few days.

Last week was the passing out of BSLC, and also, I wasn’t post out. =( I’m not sure how should I feel? Glad or disappointed? For a moment I was sad, thinking the whole world is out of there already and yet I’m still slacking there. But on the other hand, it’s a damn good time for me to continue to slack there.

Nothing excited over the weekend, spend the same old morning running and going to the same old WanTon Mee stall with the same old person every Sat morning. ” Same old 1 teaspoon of chili for you sir? ” same old familiar voice.

and its been a long time since I took that bus and chat. ha.

then the next day, I was totally impressed by zk. If only I had half of his courage haha.

Happy Birthday Mr Goh

The other day when we went over to Allan’s place to promote Love Matters.

Haha, same old clique, same old jokes. We just need another getaway! Way too fun.

Look at how amazing his Figure 11 is. Only superstar have this kinda big poster la. I want it someday =)))

He had a great place to K in. Very naisee night.

Too nice place that we went a little cranky.

Hope my mum don’t see this. Oh btw, my birthday photos are still in transaction! Like taking years!!! Glenn Tauben kia send me quick!

Don’t Forget the Lyrics Trailer


Mr. Arumugam

How fragile life can be. K random.

I was talking to an indian man who came from India all the way to Singapore to serve the nation and to get PR. We shared the bunk for few months alr and its great knowing him. He was worried about his own vocation and he said. ” You all Singaporean don’t have to worry about what vocation you go,  but for me, I’m worried because it affects my career next time.”.  I asked him what is he gonna do in the near future. “I’m going to cisco to be security officer.” WHY? “Cause I like it, I like to keep the people safe.”Amazing.

He works really hard everyday in the company line. He just work like a bangala, everyone disturb him and all him “Ah Neh” and most of the time, he goes to the cookhouse alone for meal. and I think his lucky to meet a friend like me. Hahaa.

Another find day, he kept asking me where is fun in Singapore. So, I said some typical places like Sentosa, Zoo, Bird park …. Then I asked why?

“I need to bring my mum and bro around when she comes to Singapore.”

Such simple life can be beautiful.

I never knew I could learn so much from an Indian man.